Make Your Hotel Stand Out

♦ Present an attractive, well-merchandized & well-stocked market

♦ Offer guests their favorite brands & products

♦ Provide 24/7 self checkout

GrabScanGo Hotel Lobby Market

The Economics

Hotels benefit from our knowledge and experience managing markets across the US, which ensures that guests have a great experience, while owners and managers are assured a profitable revenue generator.

How Do Guests Buy?

    Guests grab their favorite snacks, beverages & meals from open coolers & shelves

    Guests use our mobile app or self-checkout terminal to pay for products

    To purchase restricted items like beer & wine, or to pay with cash or bill to room, front desk staff checks guests out using our (optional) front-desk terminal

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    Here are the 4 Key Elements of our Managed Lobby Market Program

    1. Design

    If you have a design that already fits your lobby area, we will work with that design ("RETAIN"). We can also provide design enhancements to an existing market ("REMODEL"), or even design a new space for a market ("REDEFINE").

    GrabScanGo Lobby Market Design Options
    GrabScanGo Checkout Options

    2. Technology

    GrabScanGo is a self-contained system that does not require any integration to your POS system or hotel Internet. Our self-checkout & front desk terminals, and our mobile app, connect to our servers to process all guest purchases. 

    The self-checkout terminals also allow for advertising opportunities for local businesses, or for promoting certain products to guests. Fees from advertising & promotions add to the hotel's revenue stream from the market.

    3. Management

    With years of experience managing lobby markets across the US, we combine data-driven insights into which products sell best in which regions, how to allocate shelf space to match sales levels, and how to optimize profitability through pricing strategies.

    And by providing distribution and inventory management, your property staff can stay focused on the guest experience while we handle market setup, product ordering, stocking, equipment maintenance and all the other operational elements.


    4. Reporting

    What gets measured gets improved. Our reporting allows you to better understand your revenue & profit, as well as minimize shrinkage, labor and other costs.

    Reports are transparently shared with hotel managers so they can work with us to develop strategies for managing guests' interactions, reducing theft, and providing employee discount programs.

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