Managed Lobby Market Program

Our Managed Lobby Market Program comprises the 5 S’s described below.

1. Set Up

  • We recommend one of the 3 options below, based on what we believe will maximize sales & guest experience

  • We then send you a market design & proposal for approval

  • Upon approval, we install the fixtures, coolers, shelves, and self-checkout terminals

A. Retain

We use your existing space

B. Remodel

We upgrade your space,
at no cost to you

C. Redefine

We design & build a new space,
at no cost to you

2. Source

  • We curate the initial product selection based on hotel location & type (full service, select service or limited service), using our historical data

  • We add specific products to follow brand standards

  • We procure the products from leading distributors

  • We then continuously adjust the product selection, based on what is selling & what is not

3. Stock

  • We specify initial stocking quantities for each product, based on hotel location & room count

  • We restock in a timely manner, by tracking sales

  • We continuously adjust stocking quantities for each product, based on sales

  • We conduct regular reconciliation of market inventory, to capture shrinkage & spoilage

4. Sell

  • Self-Checkout Terminal (22″ Screen) – Guests scan and purchase products using a debit/credit card, or Apple Pay/Google Pay on their smartphones

  • GrabScanGo Mobile App – Guests scan and purchase products using a debit/credit card; Hotel employees use the app to purchase products at discounted prices

  • Front Desk Terminal (Optional – 10″ Screen) – Front desk staff processes guests’ purchases using cash, room charge, or member reward; If beer and wine are available at the market, staff can process guests’ purchases after verifying age.

5. Share

  • We share market profits with the hotel every month, through ACH deposit

  • Hotel staff gets real-time sales data visibility, through online portal & regular emails

  • Hotel staff gets access to all shrinkage & spoilage data

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