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Everything You Need to Know about Micro-Markets

Don't you hate when vending machines don't work? You shake and punch the machine, but it eats your money, and you get nothing in return. This is not to mention the fact that you didn't want the old bag of chips in the back, but you were so hungry that you paid for them [...]

9 Steps to Start a Micro-Market Business

Vending machines are rapidly disappearing from offices, and micro-markets are taking their place. A micro-market is essentially a mini convenience store in an office break room, and carries a much larger selection of food and beverage products than a vending machine, including many fresh and healthy options. And the products are attractively merchandised to [...]

Bob Tullio’s Product Perspective: GrabScanGo – VendingMarketWatch

GrabScanGo offers operators a visionary solution The product: GrabScanGo – A Bluetooth, beacon based micro market app.  Long before the pandemic, Steve Closser, co-founder of Translucent, the industry’s leading micro market consultant, had been urging many of his operator clients to utilize micro market apps. “Apps are the future, they save operators money and apps make [...]

New Technology For The New Office Landscape – VendingMarketWatch

Touch Free Solution – GrabScanGo A relative newcomer (started by Intel veterans) that is getting positive operator reviews, GrabScanGo offers an intriguing technology solution that promises the lowest cost structure for any app in the micro market industry. With touch free solutions being sought after by operators and their clients, GrabScanGo is experiencing steady growth. Read [...]

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