Stored Funds

  • Load an amount of $5 or more to your “Stored Funds” account using your debit or credit card, and then use the balance to purchase products
  • When you purchase products using “Stored Funds”, the purchase amount will be deducted from your balance
  • If the purchase amount exceeds the balance in your “Stored Funds” account, you will need to reload the account before you can complete the purchase
  • If you cancel your GrabScanGo account, and would like a refund of the balance in your “Stored Funds” account:
    • On the Home screen, click on “Help” icon in upper right corner, and select “Feedback”
    • Click “For GrabScanGo (app-related)” & request your refund – If you signed up for GrabScanGo using a company email address but are no longer with the company, include your personal email address in the message
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