Replace Your Hotel Vending Machines
With A Hotel Micro-Market Today With GrabScanGo

Are you looking to replace your hotel vending machines? Try the GrabScanGo Micro-Market service for your guests!

Make Your Hotel Stand Out

So how do you make your hotel stand out from your competition? You likely already know the importance of a hotel lobby market. Have you considered hotel micro-markets to power them?

These are small areas of your hotel where your guests can grab snacks, drinks, and ready-made meals on the go! You want your guests to feel as much “at home” as possible. They want to grab refreshments at any time, just as they would at home.

It also adds a sense of convenience to your hotel. Your guests won’t always have to depend on room service or hotel dining for their meals. If they’ve got a long day ahead of them, they can grab their drinks without having to leave the hotel first. And, your Front Desk line doesn’t grow, keeping everyone happy.

Set up your hotel micro-market and sign up for our service. You’ll see how GrabScanGo will make it easier for guests to check out refreshments and how it makes your hotel stand out.

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Why GrabScanGo?

You want your hotel guests to feel comfortable throughout their stay. Why not extend this to offering an easy way to buy snacks and drinks from your hotel micro-market?

With GrabScanGo, your guests can use their smartphone, or the simple to use self-checkout terminal after they’ve picked their favorite products. This offers a no-contact solution and makes it easy for guests to shop for snacks or drinks at any time of the day.

Here’s how it works: You keep your shelves, fridges, and coolers accessible at all times. You can install a self-checkout terminal for guests to make payments. Alternatively, guests can make payments through the GrabScanGo smartphone app. Your guest picks what they want to purchase, and they pay right then and there.

GrabScanGo Micro-Markets bring 5-8 times more revenue than traditional vending machines. The Micro-Market solution also cuts service calls for vending machines down to 0, while also allowing multiple purchases at once even during check-in time and other busy times. It’s a great opportunity to grow revenue for your hotel.

Sounds simple enough? Why not learn more about what we offer today?

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How It Works

We will set up your micro-market, and stock and manage it at no upfront cost to you. We will set up a simple to use payment terminal, and also make your micro-market accessible by all GrabScanGo smartphone app users.

The GrabScanGo system has full inventory control, product management, and real-time reporting, so your micro-market is run efficiently. Your guests will have a variety of different payment options, including cash and charge to room. You can also offer complimentary products to frequent guests (“members”), as well as employee discounts.

Your guests will use the GrabScanGo mobile app to purchase products using their credit or debit card. They can also use the self-checkout terminal using credit or debit cards. You can also set up a front desk terminal to allow them to pay with cash or charge purchases to their room.

We’ll also provide real-time reporting for you to keep track of your sales. It’s easy to use and requires no prior technical knowledge.

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