Make Your Hotel Stand Out with a GrabScanGo “Managed Lobby Market”

See how GrabScanGo can transform your hotel

Make Your Hotel Stand Out

  • Present an attractive & well-stocked market to your guests

  • Offer the right variety of snacks, beverages & meals

  • Provide a “no contact” self-checkout experience

Why a GrabScanGo “Managed Lobby Market”?

  • We design & set up your market – shelves, coolers & pay terminals – at no cost to you

  • We source the right products, and ensure your market is always stocked

  • We share profits with you

How Do Guests Buy?

  • Guests grab their snacks, beverages & meals from open coolers & shelves

  • Guests use our mobile app or self-checkout terminal to pay for products

  • To purchase restricted items like beer & wine, or to pay with cash or bill to room, front desk staff checks guests out using our front-desk terminal

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