Improve Your Employees’ Experience By Providing a GrabScanGo Breakroom Market

Keep your employees happy & healthy with a simple-to-use market, while supporting & promoting a variety of dietary options.

Improve your company’s office environment

  • Provide a better breakroom experience

  • Support a healthy lifestyle

  • Increase productivity &¬†collaboration

Build The Right Market For Your Employees

  • Provide more meal, snack & beverage options than traditional vending machines

  • Choose healthy & fresh options to support a healthy lifestyle

  • Enable self-checkout through our mobile app, and an optional self-checkout terminal

Payment Options Allow For Simple Perks

  • Stored Funds – Employee loads this account from a debit/credit card & uses balance to purchase products

  • Company Credit¬†– Employee uses complimentary credit provided by employer to purchase products

  • Payroll Deduction – Employee uses payroll deduction to purchase products

Run Your Own Market or Have it Professionally Managed

Done With You

GrabScanGo operates as your micro market management and payments gateway. Although we have a large network of available operators to manage your physical inventory and re-stocking, we also understand that some offices want to maintain their food and beverage choices themselves.

Done For You

GrabScanGo and our large network of professional operators across the U.S. can provide your location with everything you need to have a fully functioning micro-market in your office.

While GrabScanGo provides your employees with a simple way to check out, our operator partners ensure that your office micro-market is well stocked and operational, with the best products for your particular location, based on sales and your input.

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