Service Operators

Maximize Profitability and Enhance Customer Experience with Our Flexible Micro-Market Solution

See how to delight your customers with a modern market, leveraging a self-checkout experience that lives right on their phones

Low Costs & Fees, Fast Deployments

  • Patented Bluetooth-beacon-based app for checkout keeps upfront costs low

  • Affordable monthly fees

  • Set up & deploy markets in a matter of hours

Bluetooth Beacon

Exceptional Shopping Experience

  • Shoppers scan & purchase products in seconds through our patented mobile app

  • No checkout lines during peak hours – every phone becomes a “personal kiosk”

  • Instantly-accessible promotions, purchase history & feedback channel enhance shoppers’ experience

Optional Self-Checkout Terminal

  • For locations with many visitors or temp staff, or low smartphone usage

  • Highly reliable & attractive hardware, trusted by leading fast food & retail chains

  • Configured & managed by GrabScanGo

GrabScanGo Self-Checkout Terminal
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