We set up & run lobby markets for hotels, so hotel managers can 1) focus their staff on higher-value activities, 2) delight their guests with an attractive, well-stocked, self-checkout market, and 3) generate a zero-cost revenue stream.

“We installed GrabScanGo in all our hotels as a way to take an item off the General Managers’ plates. It gave us a way to have great looking, stocked markets without the hassle. Thanks to the GrabScanGo team for working with us, in many different states, to implement this across our entire portfolio.”

Regional Director of Operations, Leading Hospitality Group

Transform your Hotel Operation with a GrabScanGo Managed Lobby Market

No-Cost Setup

We take over your existing market, enhance it, or design a new one, at no cost to you

No Ongoing Labor

We stock & manage your market, and provide a self-checkout system

Profit Sharing

We maximize revenue through data & industry knowledge, and share profits with you

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