Your employees work hard each day to deliver results for your company. So, why not show them some appreciation by letting them know that their wellbeing matters?

If you want to keep your employees healthy and happy, now couldn’t be a better time to introduce an office micro-market. If you’re not sure what this is, then both you and your staff are missing out.

Here’s a rundown on seven ways your office will benefit from a micro-market this year and in the years ahead.

Let’s get started!

1. Convenience

One of the biggest reasons to introduce a micro-market to your company is that this mini convenience store is extremely convenient for both you and your employees.

The purpose of a micro-market is to bring a wide range of beverage, snack and fresh food options to your office. These types of markets also generally offer healthier meal options than employees would find in vending machines.

With this type of market, your employees can easily look at and touch each product before making their meal decisions. In this way, they can feel confident in their food selections.

A micro-market offers the benefit of keeping your staff from having to leave the building to obtain their favorite snacks or food. This saves them both money and time in the long run.

2. Many Food & Beverage Options

One of the major draws of a micro-market is that it can offer many more food, snack & drink options than you’d find in a traditional chip-and-candy-filled or soda-and-water-filled vending machine.

For instance, your business’ micro-market could feature healthy and delicious wraps, salads, and sandwiches. In addition, you could provide protein bars, milk, and yogurt to your employees. Fresh fruits can also be included in your micro-market.

3. Wellness Improvement

An immense benefit of micro-markets is that they inherently promote employee wellness.

As a general rule of thumb, consumers in the United States agree believe that it is important for them to eat healthy. However, finding food that is both nutritious and convenient can be challenging. Instead, it can be tempting for employees to reach for stale chips or sugary sodas to fill their stomachs or give them the boost of energy they need.

Fortunately, a micro-market makes eating healthy both tasty and easy. This type of market provides healthy food options that your employees can readily access.

4. Greater Office Productivity & Business Reputation

Another reason why using a micro-market makes sense for today’s businesses is that it is an easy way to boost your workplace productivity.

When your employees leave the office for lunch, it can cost you in lost productivity. A micro-market offers plenty of lunch options so that your staff can easily shop for filling food and eat it without stepping out of the office. All in all, having an engaging breakroom in your office will help to keep your staff productive, satisfied, and focused during the day.

On top of this, presenting a micro-market may give your business’ reputation a boost. That’s because today’s workers increasingly value company perks, including better breakrooms and snacks. With a high-quality micro-market, you can effortlessly draw and retain top talent.

5. Energy Savings

Another reason to use a micro-market in your office setting is that it can help you to decrease your environmental footprint. How? Because micro-markets usually use less energy than traditional vending machines do each year.

With a micro-market, you can promote environmental awareness while also saving on your energy costs.

6. No Service Issues

Micro-markets also offer the advantage of not having to be serviced like vending machines do.

The problem with a vending machine is that a dollar bill can get jammed in it, or items can get stuck from time to time.

You don’t have to worry about such issues with a micro-market. Your employees just reach in and pick up the products they want. It’s that simple.

7. Social Distancing

This article is being published in May of 2020. We would be remiss if we did not include something to think about amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how micro-markets fit into this new world of social distancing. Promoting social distancing and limiting the amount of daily interactions to protect your employees, much of that effort can be erased by an employee or someone in your office just quickly running to the store and back again. Although all of our interactions cannot always be examined under a microscope and we don’t want to live in complete isolation, giving your employees the opportunity to enjoy a healthy fresh meal or snack right within your office walls can at least provide the support needed to make trips like that less necessary.

How We Can Help with Your Micro-Market Needs

If you’re interested in taking your employee morale to the next level, then adding a micro-market to your workplace is a smart choice. Fortunately, we make it easy with our transformational kiosk-free micro-market system.

With our system, you can easily have your micro-market set up and running in a matter of hours. Then, your employees simply download our app, create an account, add a debit or credit card, and start purchasing items.

The main benefits of our system are 1) not having to bear the cost of a checkout kiosk, then 2) having checkout lines form by the kiosk during peak times, and finally 3) having your employees touch a kiosk to check out.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our micro-market system can transform your company’s breakroom and positively affect your employees’ lives.

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