Running a successful hotel lobby market can be a fantastic way to enhance your guests’ experience while adding a profitable revenue stream to your business. Here’s a guide to help you set up and manage a lobby market that your guests will love.

1. Retail/Merchandising Expertise

Running a lobby market isn’t just about having products available; it’s about curating the right mix and presenting them attractively. Here’s how you can excel:

– Right Equipment & Fixtures: Invest in quality shelving, coolers, and displays that are not only functional but also visually appealing.
– Curated Product Selection/Planogram: Choose a variety of products that cater to your guests’ needs and preferences. Snacks, beverages, toiletries, and local souvenirs are always a hit. (Request a list of the best-selling products at our hotel lobby markets HERE)
– Effective Product Placement: Place popular items at eye level and ensure your best-sellers are easy to find. Think about the flow of your market and arrange products to guide guests naturally through your selection.
– Attractive Merchandising: Keep your market clean, well-lit, and organized. Use signage to highlight special offers and new arrivals.
– Optimization of Available Space: Make the most of your space by using multi-functional fixtures and keeping the area uncluttered.

2. Strong Supplier Network

Your market’s success heavily relies on having the right products available at the right time. Building a strong supplier network is crucial:

– Consistent Product Availability: Ensure that you always have stock of your most popular items. Nothing disappoints a guest more than an empty shelf.
– Consistent Delivery: Partner with reliable suppliers who can deliver on time, every time.
– Short Lead Times: Work with suppliers who can offer quick turnaround times to keep your inventory fresh and appealing.
– Secondary Suppliers for Must-Have & High-Selling Products: Have backup suppliers for your best-sellers to avoid stockouts.

3. Effective Inventory Management

Keeping track of your inventory can make or break your lobby market. Here’s how to stay on top of it:

– Sales Monitoring System for Timely Reordering & Restocking: Use a robust POS system that tracks sales in real-time and alerts you when it’s time to reorder.
– Regular Inventory Reconciliation to Determine Shrinkage & Spoilage: Regularly check your stock to identify any discrepancies or spoilage issues.
– Data-Based Changes to Product Selection: Use sales data to understand what’s selling and what’s not. Adjust your product mix accordingly to maximize sales.

4. Efficient Guest Checkout

A smooth and quick checkout process is vital to keep guests happy and coming back:

– Self-Checkout System to Prevent Lines at Front Desk, and Offer 24/7 Availability: Consider installing a self-checkout kiosk so guests can shop at their convenience, even during late hours.
– Multiple Payment Options: Provide various payment methods, including physical cards, smartphone payments, and room charges, to make it as easy as possible for guests to complete their purchases.

5. Comprehensive Reporting & Insights

Understanding your market’s performance is key to making informed decisions:

– Detailed Sales Reports: Analyze sales data to track your market’s performance and identify trends.
– Shrinkage & Spoilage Reports: Monitor inventory losses and take steps to minimize them.
– Market Analytics: Use analytics to gain insights into customer preferences and buying behaviors.
– Market Revenue & Profit Maximization Insights: Focus on strategies that drive revenue growth and improve profit margins.

Running a successful hotel lobby market requires attention to detail, strategic planning, and continuous monitoring. If all this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry – GrabScanGo’s managed lobby market program can take care of everything for you. From product selection and inventory management to setting up self-checkout systems, we’ve got you covered. Learn more HERE or request a free property survey today!

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