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If the Pay Terminal has the message “WE’RE SORRY, THIS TERMINAL IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE”, it is most likely due to a broken or intermittent Internet connection.

Click HERE to submit a Technical Support request, so our team can investigate.

How to check out products for guests on the Front-Desk Pay Terminal

IMPORTANT: If guest’s payment method is Cash, Member Rewards, Comp or Room, the transaction must be recorded on the hotel’s system and the GrabScanGo Front-Desk Pay Terminal

Download “How To Check Out Products For Guests” document HERE

How to use the GrabScanGo mobile app

Download “How to Use the GrabScanGo App” document HERE

If guest needs to inquire about a charge on their debit/credit card

Fill out form below, or provide them this URL:


If guest needs a purchase receipt

Fill out form below, or provide them this URL:

Technical Support

Fill out form below if you are experiencing an issue with our system or the market.


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