At GrabScanGo, we understand that running a hotel lobby market or hotel pantry can be a hassle for hotels. That’s why we have designed our GrabScanGo Managed Lobby Market service to take the burden off the hotel and turn it into a solid profit center. In this post, we will be discussing the 5 Ss of our GrabScanGo Managed Lobby Market and how we solve two of the biggest challenges that hotels face in running their own lobby market or pantry.

1. Set Up

At GrabScanGo, we design and set up the market at no cost to the hotel. We make sure that the products are easy to access, easy to find, and attractively displayed. This starts with having the right number of racks, shelves, coolers, and freezers based on the number of rooms at the hotel. We know that lots of cooler space for water and other drinks is important, as they usually outsell snacks and other products. If the hotel has microwaves in every room, we add freezers with frozen food and ice cream. We use our knowledge and data on what products sell in hotels to plan the market and the products sold there.

2. Source

We use our supplier network to source and provide the right beverages, snacks, sundries, and other products that guests are looking for. Our supplier network is vast, and we have established long-term relationships with suppliers to ensure that we get the best prices and products for our clients.

3. Stock

We stock and merchandise the products properly and attractively. Our team monitors sales and shrinkage to plan when and how many times to visit the market to keep it stocked. We also keep an eye on what products are selling well and which are not, so we can constantly change the product mix to keep the market fresh and appealing to guests.

4. Sell

We provide a self-checkout system so guests can purchase directly at the market and do not have to bring the products to the front desk. Most consumers today are trained to use self-checkout due to the ubiquity of self-checkout stations at retail and grocery stores. In addition, we also provide a mobile app for guests to scan products and purchase directly from their smartphones. Our pay terminals and mobile app also accept all major debit and credit cards, and guests can also purchase using Apple Pay or Google Pay from their smartphones.

5. Share

Our goal is to maximize the revenue of the market, and we then share the profits with the hotel. It is a win-win situation for the hotel, as the hotel has no labor involved in managing the market and still receives profits from the market.

At GrabScanGo, we solve two of the biggest challenges that hotels face in running their own lobby market or pantry. Firstly, the labor shortage to buy products, stock & manage the market, and process guest purchases at the front desk. By getting a GrabScanGo Managed Lobby Market, hotels do not have to worry about the labor involved in managing the market, as we take care of everything for them. Secondly, supply chain issues that make it hard to always find the products that guests are looking for. Our vast supplier network ensures that we can always find the right products that guests are looking for, even if they are hard to find.

In conclusion, a GrabScanGo Managed Lobby Market is an excellent way for hotels to turn their lobby market or pantry into a solid profit center without the burden of managing it themselves. The 5 Ss of our service ensure that the market results in maximum revenue and minimum hassle for hotels. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your hotel.

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