The COVID-19 pandemic changed the labor landscape in the U.S. for the worse, and most industries, including the hotel industry, are struggling to recover. The ongoing staffing shortages are affecting hotels and their guests in many ways:

1. Shortage of Staff

Many hotels are facing staffing shortages due to the pandemic, leading to a decrease in service quality and an increase in guest dissatisfaction. This can be especially problematic for smaller hotels that rely heavily on their staff for customer service.

2. Hourly Wages

With the rise of minimum wage laws across many states, some hotel owners have had difficulty finding employees willing to work at lower wages or fewer hours than they used to offer prior to the pandemic. As a result, this has led to further staffing issues as well as higher overhead costs for the hotel which may be reflected in guests’ bills if not addressed properly by management.

3. Employee Burnout

Due to increased demand for services, many hotels are having to ask their staff to work longer hours with fewer breaks. This can lead to employee burnout which can cause a decrease in service quality and an increase in guest complaints due to exhaustion and lack of attention from hotel employees.

4. Increased Hiring Costs

With the pandemic causing widespread layoffs, some hotels are now facing increased hiring costs due to the extra time needed for background checks and other safety protocols required by law. This can be especially problematic if the hotel needs additional staff quickly or if they cannot find qualified candidates locally.

5. Labor Unions

As labor unions become more active in the hospitality industry, some hotels may face increased costs due to union negotiations and collective bargaining agreements. This can lead to higher wages and benefits for employees, but it can also affect guest experience if not managed properly by management.

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